Arrested Development Didn’t “Satisfy” Tony Hale

By on June 22, 2014


We all know and love Tony Hale for his role on the cult show “Arrested Development” as Baby Buster Bluth. Apparently, he was disappointed by the role initially.

Hale said in a recent interview,

“When I booked Arrested Development, I remember feeling disappointed. There was so much expectation because it’s all I ever wanted. Then when I got it, it didn’t satisfy me the way I [expected it to],” Hale says.

He clarified that his disappointment wasn’t because AD wasn’t a good job, but mostly because sometimes he found it difficult to remain in the moment.

He added,

“My friend said, ‘You have to wake yourself up 100 times a day to where you are.’ I’m sounding like Oprah, but if you’re not practicing contentment where you are now, you’re not getting contentment when you get what you want.”

You can watch some of the interview from The Hollywood Reporter below:

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