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Bryan Cranston Talks Walter White’s End and “Better Call Saul”

transformation_of_walter_white It was a pretty intense ride as the main character from “Breaking Bad” went from likable cancer patient doing what he could for his family to a ruthless killer in the name of money over the span of the series. But did he get what he deserved in the end?

Bryan Cranston thinks so. The actor who played White spoke out about the end of the series and the end of the character.

“I think he got what he deserved,” Cranston reflected. Adding, “I have hopes that Walter Jr. will take over the business and create an empire of his own.”

With the spinoff series, “Better Call Saul” on the horizon, it is possible that we will see Mr. White and Jesse Pinkman (played by Aaron Paul) again. “Better Call Saul” executive producer Vince Gilligan saying that he’d like to see both actors/characters make an appearance on the new series. And Cranston has other ideas for the new series too.

“How could I do that? I don’t know how that works,” Cranston reflected when asked if that is something he’d be interested in doing. “I would like to direct an episode, though.”

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