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Dan Harmon Confirms Talks With Hulu to Revive Community


Every day “Community” fans wonder if the show will be revived as we religiously check the news outlets for any new information. This week at least we learned that show creator, Dan Harmon, confirmed that he is in discussions with Hulu about bringing the series back with the subscription based service.

Here comes the bad news. Harmon still seems to think the chances are pretty slim.

“What I can’t say and what I’m pretty cynical about, just because I think it’s better to be pessimistic and be pleasantly surprised, is that they could make anything happen,” says Harmon, “It’s a big cast full of talented people with a lot of options. And when all that is done, you’d have to make a deal with me and I wouldn’t want to do it without (writer producer Chris) McKenna.”

Harmon explains that part of his cynicism comes from the losses the show has already experienced such as the exists of Donald Glover (Troy) and Chevy Chase (Pierce.) But hey they gained John Oliver and Jonathan Banks, that’s got to count for something right? Harmon also mentions that there is no guarantee that the entire cast would return for a sixth season.

Even worse is that Harmon doesn’t even seem sad about the cancellation of “Community” back in May after it’s fifth season.

“It didn’t really impact me in any huge way. I breathed a sigh of relief that it was all over. And then I had moments when I said ‘Wow, it’s really over and that’s a huge bummer.’”

So, “Community” fans, the question is, do we want the show to return when the creator’s heart really doesn’t seem to be in it?

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