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Ken Levine Would Still Make BioShock Vita If He Could


It was long rumored that a PlayStation Vita release in the BioShock franchise would happen but then somehow it ended up in the gaming nether space. However, recently Ken Levine, revealed that he would still make the game if he could.

In a series of tweets this week, Levine stated that the fate of “BioShock” on the Vita was out of his hands. He said,

“[Publisher] 2K and Sony couldn’t put a deal together when I last checked. They seemed way more optimistic about this back in 2011.” “Wish I could do it myself,” he continued, “but lawyers and all that. I still love my Vita.”

A Twitter user went on to ask Levine what “BioShock” on the Vita would have looked like, and frankly his response was a game that I would bought the fuck out of. Levine described a game that was a “Final Fantasy Tactics style thing set in pre-fall Rapture.”

The game was teased way back in 2011 but was never even started. It has remained dead. Since Irrational Games has official closed, it seems that it will honestly never happen.

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