Could Seinfeld Come to Netflix?

By on July 27, 2014


It appears that Netflix is currently in negotiations to bring the iconic series, “Seinfeld” to the steaming service. And if so, our lives will be infinitely better.

Last week, Jerry Seinfeld did a Reddit AMA (ask me anything) and one reddit user asked him whether or not the show would ever hit Netflix. To quote the user,

“Jerry, any word on Seinfeld coming to Netflix?“Can you please convince Larry to let it happen? There are so many people who still have not experienced Seinfeld first hand and having it available through Netflix will surely be the easiest way. C’monnnnnnnnnnn.”

Seinfeld himself answered very simply without elaboration,

“You are a very smart and progressive person. These conversations are presently taking place.”

While Netflix hasn’t commented and “conversations” doesn’t mean anything definite, it at least means something is happening which is better than nothing. Right?

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