Somehow Tetris is Being Adapted into Film

By on October 4, 2014


The Tetris Company and Threshold Entertainment have officially announced plans to develop the iconic game into a feature film… somehow. It is being described as a “science fiction epic.”

Threshold chairman Larry Kasanoff will produce the project while The Tetris Company with Threshold’s Jimmy Ienner will executive produce.

“Everyone knows that Tetris is one of the best known, most beloved brands in the world,” says Kasanoff. “What everyone doesn’t know yet is this epic sci­‐fi story that we’re going to tell. That’s what’s really exciting.”


This adaptation is a bit troublesome considering the film is coming from the same company that worked on the film adaptation of the video game “Mortal Kombat.”

There is no word yet on how exactly they plan to take the simply designed puzzle game into a sci-fi epic but they better have a good plan.

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