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Community Season 6 Premiere Date Announced


“Community” season 6, the resurrected tv series courtesy of Yahoo, finally has a premiere date. The upcoming season will air the first two episodes on Yahoo! on March 17, with a new episode every Tuesday after that.

The show was created by Dan Harmon for NBC before it was cancelled after season 5 after cancellation was threatened for several years. Season 6 will see the return of series stars Joel McHale, Gillian Jacobs, Allison Brie, Danny Pudi, Jim Rash, and Ken Jeong.

Harmon was asked whether the season on Yahoo! would be the show’s final season (again) and Harmon responded that he’s “definitely not writing it as if it’s the end.” Harmon also revealed that each new episode would be less of a theme per episode and rather it would be “just a bunch of Community-themed episodes.” The loss of Shirley, played by Yvette Nicole Brown who announced she would not return for season 6, will be explored in the first episode.

“This show has learned how to survive like a pine tree. We retain moisture.” He then went on to joke that “it’ll be weird when we get canceled by the Internet and just become a roving band of improvising street performers.”

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