Pac-Man Themed Restaurant Opened in Chicago

By on February 25, 2015


A “Pac-Man” themed restaurant has opened in Chicago to the delight of fans and gamers, though its doors are only currently open to beta tasters. The restaurant is called Level 257 and thankfully doesn’t only serve bananas, cherries, and pretzels.

You can see an image of the restaurant interior above courtesy of Chicago Eater. Level 257 seats a total of 180 people. It houses an impressive wine bar with cocktails with Pac-Man theme aspects. The restaurant, which is 40,000 square feet, is filled with entertainment as it included ping pong tables, a bowling alley and of course, Pac-Man arcade machines.

Even the menu is themed with video game options such as the “Game Over,” “1 Up” and “Split Screen.”

Level 257 is currently taking reservations via their official Facebook page. The restaurant is located in the Woodfield Mall in Chicago.

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