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“Conker’s Bad Fur Day” Getting Sequel – Finally


One of the more popular games that N64 ever released, “Conker’s Bad Fur Day” will finally see a new release thanks to the Project Spark engine. The inappropriate and self-deprecating squirrel will return as an episodic series this time, a format proven popular thanks to Telltale Games.

The new release is titled “Conker’s Big Reunion” and will play out 10 years after the events of the N64 game, “Bad Fur Day.” The game will focus on Conker as he preps for a reunion with his friends at an event called the Cock and Plucker. As you can tell, like the previous game, the new release is not holding back on utilizing adult themed word play, sexual innuendos, drug and alcohol usage and excessive violence for the intended comedic effect.

Henry Sterchi, the game’s creative director said,

“We currently don’t have our ESRB rating back so we’re not sure, but the focus was to be true to the Conker spirit. This meant self-deprecating humor, jokes referencing the original, game jokes and parodies, partying, some adult language, acting quite silly, a bit of violence and a lot of poo of course. Conker has always had a wit to the humor and we focused a bit more on the layered joke approach this go around, but there’s definitely some shock value moments and a bunch of “I can’t believe he/they just said that” types of laughs.”

The creator of the game series, Chris Seavor, has confirmed that he will return to voice the foul-mouthed squirrel. He said,

“When the opportunity for Conker came up, we reached out [to Rare] and shared our general plan to make sure we were on the right track. As we got near E3, we knew we needed the original Conker, so we reached out to Chris Seavor, who was no longer at Rare. When we shared the plan and showed him what Project Spark was, he was excited to bring in Conker. Rare gave us all the original assets we’ve needed, including the original music. Pretty much everything from tone, to scenarios, to music, etc. Rare has given feedback and help all along the way, it’s been tremendous. They really care immensely about the characters and giving them to the fans to create with.”

“Conker’s Big Reunion” will also have the Conker Creation Pack which will feature 300 Conker assets. These will have characters, props, terrain materials and effects so that players can create and experience their own Conker world.

The play and create experience will become available on the Project Spark marketplace on April 23.

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