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Game of Thrones Star Aidan Gillen Narrates The Art of War


Petyr “Littlefinger” Baelish also known by his real world name, Aidan Gillen, is about to make Sun Tzu military strategy book even cooler. The actor is narrating “The Art of War” exclusively on Audible, available today.

Gillen is one of the stars of popular series, “Game of Thrones” as Lord Baelish, the calculating Lord Protector of the Vale and former Master of Coin. Now, you can hear his intoxicating voice in Sun Tzu’s ancient Chinese military treatise.

Known as one of the definitive works on military tactics and strategy, The Art of War continues to have a profound impact on military thinking across the globe and its teachings have been employed in other fields such as business, politics, sports and law

“This was a fascinating book to narrate, with surprisingly apt insights into modern life on every page,” said Gillen. “And as an artistic endeavor, The Art of War was a natural progression from the Machiavellian strategist I play on television. It turns out Sun Tzu and Littlefinger have a lot in common.”

To preview an audio sample from Aidan Gillen’s reading of The Art of War, click on the link below:

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