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All 180 Episodes of Seinfeld Are Coming to Hulu


Hulu has made a smart move. The streaming service has officially spent the incredibly large sum of $180 million to purchase the streaming rights for the iconic series “Seinfeld.” Hulu will soon have all 180 episodes of our favorite gang.

According to a report from “Business Insider,” the deal to stream all the episodes is poised to be one of the largest acquisitions in Hulu’s company history. The amount that Hulu is spending on these episodes is basically a million dollars per episode of “Seinfeld.”

The large amount will be split between Sony TV, Time Warner’s Castle Rock, “Seinfeld” profit participants and of course, co-creators Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David.

There is a bit of unfortunately to this story. Netflix had also expressed interest in buying “Seinfeld” but instead bought the streaming rights to “Friends.” (Seems to me it would have been better the other way around but I don’t work for Netflix.)

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