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Dark Souls 3 to Release in 2016


Reports came out yesterday that the notoriously difficult gaming franchise, “Dark Souls” will release a third installment sometime in 2016, according to Rooster Teeth’s show The Know.

“Dark Souls 3” is said to be releasing on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in 2016, with a PC version that is still being “negotiated.”

The leaked news says next installment will support 1-4 players, although whether that’s in a co-op or PvP sense hasn’t been revealed. However, during the character bulding process at the start of the game, players will have the option to choose one of 10 different character classes.

Rooster Teeth also claims that “Dark Souls 3”  will contain 45 new enemies and 15 new bosses along with 100 new weapons and 40 new armor sets to deck out your character with.

The leak also revealed that the upcoming game will have about 12 different areas, totaling up an amount of content similar to the original “Dark Souls.” As these navigate the world, the way you interact with other players online will be different than previous games. Instead of the traditional soapstones and signs players are used to, “Dark Souls 3” will have you participating in sacrifice ceremonies, which have you dragging around bodies to specific areas, performing a ritual, and visiting another person’s game – which seems a little more involved.

The biggest reveal from Rooster Teeth is the information regarding the bosses. They report that boss bottles will have a new “heat up” factor that changes the way you approach an encounter. An example given includes a fight against an enemy who can either come at you as a standard-looking knight, or a nightmarish creature reminiscent of something from Bloodborne.

They claim that “Dark Souls 3” will be fully announced later this month at E3 2015 which seems plausible given the hints we have had from developers so far. But then again Rooster Teeth has been very wrong before so take it in stride.

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