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Hannibal’s Future Looking Grim


When a show gets cancelled, fans usually hope and pray that places like Netflix or Amazon Prime will throw it a lifeline. However, right now, the lifeline for “Hannibal” is getting thinner and thinner.

Despite its cult following and critical acclaim, the show continued to get low ratings on NBC which eventually led to the series getting cancelled after three seasons. Many fans thought that Netflix would be a surefire rope for the show but the streaming service Netflix and Amazon both have rejected picking up the series for more seasons.


That doesn’t mean there is no hope left, but the future is definitely grim. There is Hulu Plus and “Hannibal” could go the way of “Community” and get another season on Yahoo! Or if you are “Arrested Development” give it several years before finally getting picked up for another season.

There is currently a petition that now has over 75,000 signees.

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