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Netflix’s Stranger Things is More Popular Than House of Cards, Making a Murderer


The Netflix Original Series, “Stranger Things,” has taken the world by storm. It was insanely popular the week it premiered and has remained an intense talking point ever since. Interestingly, despite its popularity, Netflix has yet to officially confirm a second season – which everyone seems to be sure is going to happen. Though,  CEO Reed Hastings has said, “We would be dumb not to [renew the show].”

And yes, they would have to be dumb not to renew because it was just revealed that the first season of “Stranger Things” has officially become more popular than Netflix originals like House of Cards and Making a Murderer in terms of viewership.

According to reports from Business Insider, a survey from SymphonyAM (Symphony Advanced Media) found that Stranger Things’s first season was the third-most-watched TV show on Netflix, following Fuller House and Orange is the New Black. (Though, really “Fuller House” was ahead of everything else?? Why?)

When the sci fi thriller had only been on the streaming service for a mere 16 days, 8.2 million people had tuned in, making it more viewed than House of Cards, Narcos, Daredevil, Jessica Jones and Making A Murderer.

However, it should be noted that the data from SymphonyAM is disputed as Netflix notoriously does not release or track their viewership data. Not to mention that Netflix has  accused SymphonyAM of being “remarkably inaccurate” in the past. But considering what the buzz was like around the proverbial water cooler following the show’s premiere, I wouldn’t be surprised if it really was one of the most watched shows during the first two weeks.


Currently, the state of the show’s second season is a mystery, though the producers have commented that they are ready for another season with loads more story to tell. \

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