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Naughty Dog Reveals The Last of Us Alternate Ending Image (That Might Make You Kind of Sad)


Naughty Dog, creators of the game that most recently made me cry known as “The Last of Us,” recently released an image from an alternate ending of the game. The image was released via Twitter when creative director Neil Druckmann posted the image stating, “See how it originally ended.”


The final version of the game that was released to the public follows Joel and Ellie as they finally make it to the Fireflies and it turns out the only way to generate a cure is to kill Ellie. Understandably after spending a year together, Joel doesn’t take that lying down as he saves Ellie but also potentially dooms mankind from ever having a cure.

However, the image released by Druckmann appears to show the early game character Tess torturing and possibly killing Joel. Not much else has been said about the image or how it would have affected the overall game ending however gamers will learn more about the details during a PAX Prime panel next month according to the developer last week. The panel–Pitching The Last of Us–will feature Druckmann and game director Bruce Straley. The pair will discuss the process of selling Sony on Naughty Dog’s first Mature-rated game.

“But really, Neil and Bruce will pull back the curtain to show you their original pitch for The Last of Us… and giving everyone at this panel a look at how close or far the final game ended up from the original pitch,” reads a line from the panel’s description.

Druckmann explained that there were actually three or four ending ideas for the game before they settled on the one we see in the game.

You can see the image below:


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1 Comment

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