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Netflix Video Usage More Than 10 Times Amazon and Hulu Combined


I don’t know about you, but I use Netflix more than anything. I never watch the basic cable I have (and am forced to have by my internet provider) and even though I have Hulu Plus, I almost never use that either. Netflix reportedly represented 31.6% of all downstream Internet traffic in North America during primetime hours in September. And according to a new study that is way more than both Amazon and Hulu combined.

Netflix has more than 31 million members in the U.S. and uses 20 times MORE than Amazon video bandwidth. It is also 24 times bigger than Hulu.

The video site, YouTube, did well in September but based on the recent outrage with the integration of its service with Google +, it is likely that the site will falter in coming months (unless they get their shit together and reverse their recent changes that is.) Outside of the U.S., however, YouTube continues to be the biggest consumer of bandwidth, representing 28.7% of downstream traffic (followed by the web at 15.6%). In Latin America, YouTube’s downstream share is 36.8% (followed by web browsing at 20%) and in Asia-Pacific, YouTube represents 31.2% (followed by BitTorrent 14.3% and web at 10.5%).

Netflix continues to be the number one video streaming service and unless something radical happens, it is doubtful that will change in the near future.

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