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George R.R. Martin Says Some Fans Know How the Series Ends


According to George R.R. Martin, you might have already guessed how A Song of Ice and Fire will end. In a recent interview with The Telegraph, the notoriously enigmatic author revealed that while he knows how the series will end, some fans have already figured it out as well.

He said that throughout the series he has hidden clues that are “extremely subtle and obscure,” and that only a couple of readers have found “the right solution.”

GRRM said,

“So many readers were reading the books with so much attention that they were throwing up some theories and while some of those theories were amusing bullshit and creative, some of the theories are right.”

Martin isn’t going to reveal what those clues are of course. We still have two more books to get through before all is revealed. Plus, he explained he wants to keep a surprise for those readers who don’t scour the internet trying to figure out how it will all end.

“Some of my readers who don’t read the boards, which thankfully there are hundreds of thousands of them, will still be surprised and other readers will say: ‘see, I said that four years ago, I’m smarter than you guys,'” he said.

So that theory you have been harboring since book one might be correct. But you’ll have to wait two more books to find out.

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