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Original Plot for Game of Thrones Revealed


A three page letter has surfaced from George R.R. Martin to his publisher in 1993 revealing the original plot of “Game of Thrones” and what the author planned for it’s possible future.

The book retailer, Waterstones, took pictures of the letter though it has since been deleted. But this is the internet and nothing is ever really deleted so with some good detective work you can probably still find the pictures of the letter.

Regardless, it seems that while much of the original plot has been deviated from there are major bits that are (currently) still intact including five major characters that Martin had originally intended to survive the books since the very beginning.

:::: Spoilers for the book and show below ::::

Originally, according to the letter, Martin intended the A Song of Ice and Fire series to be a trilogy however as we all know that has not been the case for a long, long, time. Martin, had always intended to have Ned Stark die in the brutal way we see: discovering the truth about Jon Arryn’s murder and then being sentenced to death by Joffrey. There is one small difference in that Martin had meant to have Ned send Arya and Catelyn Stark out of King’s Landing before he was sentenced to death.

Here is where things start to get REALLY different from where we are today.

Martin had planned to have Robb fight Joffrey on the battlefield with the young king being maimed in the process. One of the biggest differences between what we have and what could have been is that Sansa would have arried Joffrey and born him a son and heir. Eventually, she would have had to make a choice between her Stark family and her husband and would end up coming down on the side of the Lannisters, before coming to bitterly regret this later.

Tyrion would have also been able to dethrone Joffrey finally with the death blow of Tywin being delivered by Jaime instead. Jaime would have then claimed the throne himself before blaming all his crimes on Tyrion who is  exiled and decides to ally himself with the Starks.

Arya and Jon Snow fall in love with each other up at the wall where Catelyn and her fled. They refuse to act on it because of the whole incest thing along with his Night’s Watch vow of celibacy. HOWEVER!! Martin says that this changes because of Jon’s parentage is revealed. Is this another hint to prove a very popular theory about Jon Snow’s parentage? Tyron also falls in love with Ayra adding a love triangle where Jon and Tyrion also loathe each other. Though, Ayra does not feel the same way for Tyrion.

The Starks are forced out of the Wall and they end up meeting Mance Rayder where Cat meets her death at the hands of one of the Others (also known as The White Walkers from the TV show.)

Don’t worry, Dany is still in Martin’s original draft. She invades Westerns sooner but only after killing Khal Drogo out of revenger for the death of her brother Viserys.

The final paragraph of the letter was blacked out so the ending is still a mystery but Martin did identify that the five character to survive where Dany, Arya, Jon, Bran, and, Tyrion.

There is no indication whether any of this will happen in the real series or if these five character will survive the book series now, but we can hope.

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