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OITNB Emmy Petition Denied – Must Compete as a Drama


Since the recent rule change for the Primetime Emmy Awards, several shows have been up in arms about their new category. The new rule states that any show over 30 minutes in length would compete in the drama category at this year’s Primetime Emmy Awards. This was not the best of news for shows like “Orange is the New Black” who have been considered comedies.

It was then stated that shows that were longer than 30 minutes could argue to be put back in the comedy category with a petition which is just what some did like “Shameless,” “Glee” and “Jane the Virgin.” Apparently, “Orange is the New Black” attempted to do this as well but since they only competed in the Emmy’s once so far, the committee has turned down their petition and ruled that OITNB will have to compete in the drama category.

This means the series will be competing against shows like “Game of Thrones,” “Mad Men” and fellow Netflix sibling “House of Cards.”

The ruling by the committee is surprising considering at last year’s awards, OINTB received an impressive 12 nominations in the comedy category. It was an even bigger upset when the top prize was given to the fifth season of “Modern Family” instead. Many believed this year would be the year that OINTB would come back to win it all but if the show is not allowed to compete in the comedy category, the chances of it winning anything are even smaller (considering its competition.)

Netflix’s chief content officer, Ted Sarandos, said,

“Orange Is the New Black is a truly pioneering series and an iconoclast which has always defied genre or easy categorization. While we’re disappointed in the committee’s decision, we believe that Orange represents the best of television in either category.”

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