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Check Out The New Orange Is The New Black Trailer


When the Oscars aired last week, most people steered clear from poking fun that night. But the Netflix Original Series “Orange Is The New Black” couldn’t resist the opportunity to release a new trailer for their upcoming series while at the same time digging at the #OscarsSoWhite controversy.

The teaser trailer is titled “For Your Incarceration” playing on the Oscar campaign “For your consideration.” It features the inmates watching the award ceremony with Taystee adding “Even when white folks try to be exciting, they still boring.”

The trailer unfortunately didn’t give us much about what to expect for season 4. When we left the inmates in season 3, the state of the prison was up in the air after being acquired by new owners. Piper has become a true villain after creating a business within the prison resulting in her framing Stella for possession of dangerous contraband and Stella being dragged off to maximum security prison. Alex is cornered in the greenhouse by a new guard sent by Kubra, and her fate is left uncertain.

Season four of Orange Is the New Black will premiere on Jun. 17. You can watch the teaser below:

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