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Game of Thrones is Getting a Coloring Book


The insanely popular George R.R. Martin book series, “A Song of Ice and Fire” turned even more insanely popular HBO series, “Game of Thrones” is getting a coloring book that will likely obliterate your red crayons and markers.

Bantam Books, a subsidiary of US publisher Penguin Random House, has announced that it will publish a Game of Thrones-themed coloring book based the series and fans are seriously excited. The book is being called an “adult coloring book” and Bantam reports it “will feature 45 original black and white illustrations, inspired by characters, scenes, locations and other iconic images from Martin’s wildly successful ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’ series.”

According to Penguin Random House’s website, George R. R. Martin’s Game of Thrones Coloring Book will release on October 27, 2015.


J.K. Rowling Announces Next Book “Career of Evil”


J.K. Rowling and her publishing alter ego Robert Galbraith have announced the release of the next installment in the Cormoran Strike novels. “Career of Evil” is the third novel in the series and the news was announced via Twitter by Rowling.

“Career of Evil” follows “The Cuckoo’s Calling” and “The Silkworm” in the series. Similarly to the other novels, it will follow detective Cormoran Strike and his assistant Robin Ellacott. It is also published under the pseudonym that Rowling used previously.

The synopsis, per The Guardian:

In the third Cormoran Strike novel, Robin receives a mysterious package containing a woman’s severed leg. Strike, a war veteran, believes that four people from his past could be responsible, since he “knows that any one of them is capable of sustained and unspeakable brutality”, said the novel’s publisher, Sphere. And with the police focusing on the wrong suspect, Strike and Robin take matters into their own hands. The publisher called the novel “a gripping story of a man and a woman at a crossroads”.

The series has continued to do insanely well and “Career of Evil” is already selling well on Amazon. “Career of Evil” will be released on October 20 in the U.S., and October 22 in the U.K.

Mindy Kaling and B.J. Novak Co-Writing Book About Their Odd Relationship


If you watched “The Office” there were two relationships you probably hoped somehow transferred into real life. Jim and Pam (of course) and then Kelly and Ryan (although much less dysfunctionally.) Mindy Kaling and B.J. Novak just had such on screen chemistry that it was hard to believe they didn’t really belong together. While they may not be on the Kelly/Ryan level, the duo are actually really close in real life.

It was recently announced that the duo are co-writing a book about their actual real life and incredibly adorable and unique relationship. According to Kaling, their real-life relationship is not to far of a stretch from their on-screen appearance. Kaling calling it “weird as hell” and furthering explaining it more of a “romantically charged camaraderie with loud arguments” than a traditional romance or friendship.

The book will be announced at BookCon on May 30. Kaling will be there to promote her new essay collection titled, “Why Not Me?”

Game of Thrones Star Aidan Gillen Narrates The Art of War


Petyr “Littlefinger” Baelish also known by his real world name, Aidan Gillen, is about to make Sun Tzu military strategy book even cooler. The actor is narrating “The Art of War” exclusively on Audible, available today.

Gillen is one of the stars of popular series, “Game of Thrones” as Lord Baelish, the calculating Lord Protector of the Vale and former Master of Coin. Now, you can hear his intoxicating voice in Sun Tzu’s ancient Chinese military treatise.

Known as one of the definitive works on military tactics and strategy, The Art of War continues to have a profound impact on military thinking across the globe and its teachings have been employed in other fields such as business, politics, sports and law

“This was a fascinating book to narrate, with surprisingly apt insights into modern life on every page,” said Gillen. “And as an artistic endeavor, The Art of War was a natural progression from the Machiavellian strategist I play on television. It turns out Sun Tzu and Littlefinger have a lot in common.”

To preview an audio sample from Aidan Gillen’s reading of The Art of War, click on the link below:

Your readers can order The Art of War at 

Controversial Batgirl Variant Cover Canceled


Rafael Albuquerque, the artist for “American Vampire” has opted to pull his variant cover for the upcoming “Batgirl #41” which was one of 25 covers that featured the Joker.

The June promotion was planned the celebrate the 75th anniversary of Batman’s greatest foe and the variant cover featured the Joker painting a sinister smile across the face of a terrified Batgirl.

When the cover was first revealed it drew much concern from fans. If you remember the iconic series, “The Killing Joke” then you could possibly understand why the variant cover from Albuquerque could invoke unfortunate imagery for Barbara Gordon a.k.a. Batgirl. In “The Killing Joke,” the Joker not only shot Gordon and paralyzed her but he also stripped her nude, took photos of her, and tortured her before showing the photos to Commissioner Jim Gordon (strongly implying but not confirming that the joker raped or sexually assaulted Barbara Gordon.)

So, when the variant cover was revealed many people felt that it brought up to much correlation to the fate of Killing Joke Batgirl. Between Batgirl’s helpless and terrified stance and Joker’s controlling and overpowering appearance with his gun resting in a way that has been interpreted as sexual, many have viewed the cover as far to dark for the current state of “Batgirl.”

Granted, the cover WAS meant to be homage to the Killing Joke, artist intent was NOT to sexualize Batgirl and insinuate an assault.

After the outlast of people everywhere, the artist himself opted to remove the cover from shelves. Read DC’s statement below. You can see Stewart’s own comments via Twitter.

We publish comic books about the greatest heroes in the world, and the most evil villains imaginable. The Joker variant covers for June are in recognition of the 75th anniversary of the Joker.
Regardless if fans like Rafael Albuquerque’s homage to Alan Moore’s THE KILLING JOKE graphic novel from 25 years ago, or find it inconsistent with the current tonality of the Batgirl books – threats of violence and harassment are wrong and have no place in comics or society.
We stand by our creative talent, and per Rafael’s request, DC Comics will not publish the Batgirl variant. – DC Entertainment

Batgirl #41 is set to hit stands this June.

Marvel’s Female Thor Outsells Male Version


In the best news of the week, Marvel’s reboot of the Thor series into a heroine has actually outsold the male original. When Marvel first announced Female Thor as part of the New 52 reboot, there were concerns from certain fans of the franchise that she would ruin it or that it was too risky of a move by Marvel, but this proves otherwise and is AMAZING news.

Courtesy of the sales figures from ComiChron show the new character outselling the old comics by a large margin. The reports show that the first four issues of Female Thor have sold close to 20,000 copies, more than the final four Thor issues in 2012.

Unfortunately we can’t see who is buying Female Thor so there is no way to see if the gender reboot is bringing in more females to comic book reading.

Female Thor is currently 6th in sales with the series circulation reaching over 93,000 copies. Not suprising is that diehard favorites Amazing Spiderman, Captain America, and Batman held the top three spots.

Thor #8 releases in May and the writers have promised the reveal of the new Thor’s identity.

Release Date Announced for Carrie Brownstein Memoir


It has been far too long since Carrie Brownstein announced that she would be releasing a memoir and now we finally have a release date. Yes, granted the delay is partially due to the fact that she is a little busy being a rock star and television star, fans have been sitting on anticipating for the memoir for over a year.

Brownstein is the guitarist and vocalist for Sleater-Kinney as well as the co-star and writer for popular sketch series “Portlandia” with Fred Armisen.

Her memoir is now set to release on October 27 with the title “Hunger Makes Me a Modern Girl.” In their overview, Penguin Books states “This book intimately captures what it feels like to be a young woman in a rock-and-roll band, from her days at the dawn of the underground feminist punk-rock movement that would define music and pop culture in the 1990s through today.”

Unfortunately, the book will not touch very much on her with “Portlandia” but hopefully this means there will be a sequel.

“Inside A Silver Box” by Walter Mosley – Exclusive Giveaway

Silver Box Cover

Walter Mosley, the New York Times bestselling author, has released a brand new novel titled “Inside a Silver Box.” The book hit shelves on January 27, 2015 as it probes into the cosmic questions so expertly and entertainingly discussed in Mosely’s Crosstown to Oblivion series.

In the novel, two people brought together through a horrific rape and murder find themselves united and working together with the Silver Box for a common cause—to protect Earth from destruction by the Laz, an alien race that created and Silver Box and are now willing to do anything to get it back.  However, the Silver Box is the most powerful entity in the universe and it will do anything to prevent its former master from returning, even if it means destroying the Earth before the Lax can.

This well written and imaginative novel transcends the category of genre.  Through this unique perspective, Mosely explores existential issues that apply not only to disempowered black men but also to every reader.

Mosley has written more than thirty-four critically acclaimed books and is one of the most versatile and admired authors in the United States today.  In addition to his novels and his short fiction that has been widely published, his nonfiction has appeared in such prestigious publications as The New York Times Magazine and The Nation.  Mosely has won numerous awards including an O. Henry Award, a Grammy, and PEN American Center’s Lifetime Achievement Award.

In honor of the giveaway you can read an exclusive excerpt from Inside a Silver Box.

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Original Plot for Game of Thrones Revealed


A three page letter has surfaced from George R.R. Martin to his publisher in 1993 revealing the original plot of “Game of Thrones” and what the author planned for it’s possible future.

The book retailer, Waterstones, took pictures of the letter though it has since been deleted. But this is the internet and nothing is ever really deleted so with some good detective work you can probably still find the pictures of the letter.

Regardless, it seems that while much of the original plot has been deviated from there are major bits that are (currently) still intact including five major characters that Martin had originally intended to survive the books since the very beginning.

:::: Spoilers for the book and show below ::::

Originally, according to the letter, Martin intended the A Song of Ice and Fire series to be a trilogy however as we all know that has not been the case for a long, long, time. Martin, had always intended to have Ned Stark die in the brutal way we see: discovering the truth about Jon Arryn’s murder and then being sentenced to death by Joffrey. There is one small difference in that Martin had meant to have Ned send Arya and Catelyn Stark out of King’s Landing before he was sentenced to death.

Here is where things start to get REALLY different from where we are today.

Martin had planned to have Robb fight Joffrey on the battlefield with the young king being maimed in the process. One of the biggest differences between what we have and what could have been is that Sansa would have arried Joffrey and born him a son and heir. Eventually, she would have had to make a choice between her Stark family and her husband and would end up coming down on the side of the Lannisters, before coming to bitterly regret this later.

Tyrion would have also been able to dethrone Joffrey finally with the death blow of Tywin being delivered by Jaime instead. Jaime would have then claimed the throne himself before blaming all his crimes on Tyrion who is  exiled and decides to ally himself with the Starks.

Arya and Jon Snow fall in love with each other up at the wall where Catelyn and her fled. They refuse to act on it because of the whole incest thing along with his Night’s Watch vow of celibacy. HOWEVER!! Martin says that this changes because of Jon’s parentage is revealed. Is this another hint to prove a very popular theory about Jon Snow’s parentage? Tyron also falls in love with Ayra adding a love triangle where Jon and Tyrion also loathe each other. Though, Ayra does not feel the same way for Tyrion.

The Starks are forced out of the Wall and they end up meeting Mance Rayder where Cat meets her death at the hands of one of the Others (also known as The White Walkers from the TV show.)

Don’t worry, Dany is still in Martin’s original draft. She invades Westerns sooner but only after killing Khal Drogo out of revenger for the death of her brother Viserys.

The final paragraph of the letter was blacked out so the ending is still a mystery but Martin did identify that the five character to survive where Dany, Arya, Jon, Bran, and, Tyrion.

There is no indication whether any of this will happen in the real series or if these five character will survive the book series now, but we can hope.

Exclusive Giveaway – “Karen Memory” by Elizabeth Bear!


The Pop Culture Pulse is excited to offer an exclusive giveaway of the new title from author, Elizabeth Bear. “Karen Memory” is the conclusion to her critically acclaimed Eternal Sky trilogy. The steampunk tale is set in a reimagined 19th century Seattle following the unforgettable story of a plucky heroine risking her life for friendship.

“You ain’t gonna like what I have to tell you, but I’m gonna tell you anyway. See, my name is Karen Memery, like memory only spelt with an e, and I’m one of the girls what works in the Hôtel Mon Cherie on Amity Street. Hôtel has a little hat over the o like that. It’s French, so Beatrice tells me.”

Set in the late 19th century—when the city we now call Seattle Underground was the whole town (and still on the surface), when airships plied the trade routes, would-be gold miners were heading to the gold fields of Alaska, and steam-powered mechanicals stalked the waterfront, Karen is a young woman on her own, is making the best of her orphaned state by working in Madame Damnable’s high-quality bordello. Through Karen’s eyes we get to know the other girls in the house—a resourceful group—and the poor and the powerful of the town. Trouble erupts one night when a badly injured girl arrives at their door, begging sanctuary, followed by the man who holds her indenture, and who has a machine that can take over anyone’s mind and control their actions. And as if that wasn’t bad enough, the next night brings a body dumped in their rubbish heap—a streetwalker who has been brutally murdered.

Bear was the recipient of the John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer in 2005 and has won two Hugo Awards for her short fiction along with a Sturgeon Award and the Locus Award for Best First Novel.

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